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Spanish Training for Business Professionals
Our Business Spanish training seminars and e-learning courses improve the communication skills of bilingual professionals who serve customers in the U.S. Hispanic market.

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Ideal for heritage learners and native speakers alike, our instructional designers create training content in a bilingual Spanish/English format. ​​

We deliver off-the-shelf and custom courses in many formats: instructor-led, blended learning, webinars, and e-learning.

Our bilingual Spanish/English training model is especially successful for heritage learners, those who learned the language experientially in a nonacademic setting.

Spanish speakers who are verbally proficient, but who may not be fluent readers in Spanish, find our bilingual courses very accessible  

Learners master key business terms, translate call models and scripts, review business grammar and understand how to use their soft skills expertise in Spanish, as well as appreciate the geo-demographic diversity of Spanish speakers in the U.S.
  1. E-learning - Business Spanish 1 & 2
    Business Spanish 1 & 2 cover 50 key terms and show learners how to use Spanish communication skills that bilingual financial services professionals use every day.
  2. E-learning - Business Spanish 3
    This bilingual Spanish/English e-learning course covers collection negotiation skills and 50 key terms essential for Spanish-speaking debt collectors.
  3. Instructor-led Training (ILT)
    Our bilingual seminars and workshops are conducted entirely in Spanish by fully bilingual instructors. To maximize the learning experience, participant materials include written content and skill practices in Spanish and English. We also design customized training content for our clients.
  4. Business Spanish for Beginners
    Improve the verbal Spanish proficiency of your team members who are unable to reach a passing score on their verbal assessment. Beginner courses help bilingual learners build essential Spanish business vocabulary and understand how to make the most of online translation tools.
  5. Key Terms & Glossary in Spanish
    Key Terms are introduced in Spanish, in context and are translated into practical, frequently-used, complete sentences in Spanish and English. Upon completing our courses, bilingual professionals use accurate Spanish business terms with confidence!
  6. Bilingual Certification Programs
    Our bilingual training consultants certify your Spanish-speaking contact center and customer-facing representatives with a customized five-step model that includes learner assessments, needs analysis, instructional design, blended learning delivery, and post-training certification tests.
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Additionally, our Financial Services Glossary for Bilingual Professionals is available as a job aide. For more information click the icon.