Spanish Proficiency Assessments

Spanish Proficiency Tests

Evaluate the Spanish verbal and writing skills of your job candidates and employees

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  1. Verbal Assessments
    Our verbal Spanish-language test is a structured telephone assessment evaluating speaking and comprehension proficiency in Spanish and/or English. Spanish assessments identify which employees qualify for a bilingual premium. THREE LEVELS OF SERVICE 1. On-demand 2. Scheduled appointment 3. Recorded
  2. Assessment Features
    • Scored evaluation report • Objective and validated • Pay-as-you-go plans • No advance appointment necessary • No minimum volume
  3. Writing Skills Assessments
    Spanish writing skills tests are the ideal assessment tool for professionals who read and write correspondence, letters, e-mail, and/or webchat in Spanish. Our Spanish e-skills and writing assessments include responding to open-ended prompts and scripts, writing business e-mails and letters, and translating specific content.
  4. Scored Evaluation Report
    Our one-page language assessment report is a summary of the candidate's proficiency in Spanish, English, or both languages. The quantitative section of our report rates the candidate's competencies in five weighted classifications. In addition, we provide a qualitative, three to four sentence summary of the candidate’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  5. Objective and Validated
    Our language assessment uses a formalized weighting protocol and our proprietary system. The competency criteria and scoring model map to the industry standard, The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). Our process and system are independently validated to ensure our assessments are objective, consistent, substantive, unbiased, and free from measurement error.
  6. Industries We Serve
    • B2B and B2C Products and Services • Banks, Payments, ARM Credit & Collections • Customer Service Call Centers • Financial Services and e-Commerce • FinTech, EdTech. RegTech & SaaS • Healthcare and Insurance • Technical and IT Support • Telecommunications • Transportation Services