Financial Services Glossary for Bilingual Professionals
in English and Spanish

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Do your bilingual call center representatives know the nine different Spanish verbs that mean “to pay?” Or how about the various translations for co-signer, password, credit bureau, late charge, business day, or charge-off? Spanish is spoken in more than 20 countries around the world. Your bilingual team needs to know the correct financial services terms to serve your customers; you need to ensure their communication meets compliance requirements.

​Our Financial Services Glossary, with bonus English/Spanish Internet terms, is an invaluable tool for your bilingual collection team.

Our bilingual glossary is available in three formats.

1. Enterprise Intranet License
2. e-Book
3. Desktop Job Aide

Our Business Spanish glossary is designed for bilingual professionals, including native speakers and heritage learners, who serve the U.S. Hispanic market. This glossary contains over 300 frequently-used words and phrases in the U.S. financial services industry in English and their translations to various synonyms used in Latin America and Spain.

Use of a glossary improves accuracy, consistency, and compliance in verbal and written customer interactions in contact centers, face-to-face services, social media and other electronic communication channels.

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