Since 1992 Arial International has been the innovative leader in the design and delivery of "Business Spanish" services tailored for companies who target and retain U.S. Hispanic customers.

Business Spanish Training
Spanish-Speaking Call Center Associate Taking a Spanish Language Proficiency Test
                                        : Our language proficiency assessments evaluate verbal communication and comprehension, writing and/or translation skills of job applicants and bilingual employees in Spanish and/or English. Click: Spanish Proficiency Assessment.
                                            : Our instructor-led and e-learning courses teach bilingual learners how to correctly use professional language in verbal and written customer communication in Spanish and is ideal for financial services, healthcare and insurance industries. Click: Business Spanish Training.
Spanish Proficiency Test
                     : We translate and edit a wide variety of English and Spanish language business communication material. Our specialty areas of expertise are consumer credit, collections, financial services, healthcare and insurance. Click: Spanish Language Translations
                                                          Our experienced bilingual professionals assess the quality, accuracy and effectiveness of Spanish-language communication with customers and compare these to Best Practices. Click: Spanish Language Call Monitoring.

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Business Spanish Training


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